Exporting Essbase Data

DATAEXPORT command in Essbase provides a very useful way to extract data from the Essbase cube.

This exported file can be easily used to import data in case of data corruption or can be kept as a DataBackup for future purpose.

Usual usage of DATAEXPORT is
DATAEXPORT "File" "delimiter" "fileName" "missingChar"
e.g. DATAEXPORT "File" "," "Lev0Budget.txt" "#Missing"

This will generate a Datafile, with a comma delemeted format, with missing data specifies with #Missing.

One important consideration while using the DATAEXPORT command, which might lead to losing the usability of the file (In case you are hoping to use the data export text file to import back into the database sometime), is that for Free Form Import (without a Rule File), Essbase requires the DATAEXPORT to be processed in a unique way, as below:

DATAEXPORT "File" " " "Lev0Budget.txt" "#Mi"

The file which you want to import in free form without using a Rule file, MUST specify the delimeter as SPACE and Missingchar as #Mi.


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